Automate difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels.

VariSort™ mixed mail sorter

Take advantage of increased flats postage savings with the Pitney Bowes VariSort™ mixed mail sorter as you process a wide range of mail - including polywraps and even misshapen pieces - at speeds up to 8,000 pieces per hour.

The Pitney Bowes VariSort mixed mail sorter can be configured to precisely suit your mail sorting requirements. Choose between feeding mechanisms - automatic, manual or both.  Additionally, there are options for scanning, an inline scale, and output printing. The system is modular and can be quickly upgraded at your site.


  • Take advantage of increased postage savings for flats
  • Automate mail currently sorted by hand including tabbed or untabbed magazines, polywrap, jiffy packs, standard construction envelopes, cardboard construction envelopes ... and more
  • Eliminate extra labor that is often associated with flats with in-line weighing and labeling capabilities
  • Keep your mailing on the move with an automatic tray removal system that detects when a tray is full, removes it from the bin, and loads a new tray
  • Take advantage of data capabilities gained through automation such as manifest accuracy, automated customer charge back accounting, and shop floor integrity