VariSort™ mixed mail sorter

Automate virtually any sorting opportunity.

The VariSort is a hybrid sorting solution designed to accept an unprecedented range of postcards, letters, difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels. You can take advantage of almost any sorting automation opportunity, benefit from increased postage savings and accelerate your outgoing and incoming mail delivery.

VariSort™ – Automate Sorting Flats and Small Parcels | Pitney Bowes

How VariSort™ can enhance your business.

Modular configuration

Meet your unique sortation needs now and in the future.


Automatic tray removal system detects when a tray is full and loads new tray.

Save costs

Tub manifesting capabilities help avoid time-consuming offline postage affixing.

Pinpoint processing

Accurately process a wide range of mail up to 8,000 pieces an hour.


The VariSort is modular and scalable and can be configured to precisely meet your mail sorting requirements. Choose between feeding mechanisms - automatic, manual or both - with options ranging from scanning, an inline scale and output printing. Additionally, you can take advantage of data capabilities gained through automation such as manifest accuracy, automated customer charge back accounting and shop floor integrity. 


Automatic feeder                           Manual feeder


Length, minimum

7”                                                  5”

Length, maximum

15.8”                                             15.8”

Height, minimum

4”                                                  4”

Height, maximum

12”                                                12”

Thickness, minimum

.02”                                               0.2”

Thickness, maximum

1”                                                  1.5”

Weight, minimum

.80oz                                            .80oz

Weight, maximum

2.2lbs                                           3.3lbs


Up to 8000 pcs/hour               Up to 3000 pcs/hour


Ranges from 6 to 300+           Ranges from 6 to 300+

Barcode types

Intelligent Mail® Barcode, US PostNet (configurable length), bar-no-bar for state, 2D data matrix, others by request

Labeler* location

Label can be positioned in both portrait and landscape orientation; label placement is configurable

Labeler* print type

Laser quality, direct thermal printing set to 200dpi print resolution

Labeler* label size

3.5” x 1.75” label stock (custom sizes available)


280V three phase 60A for 24 pocket configuration


External air required