Savings come in all kinds of shapes - even flat.

Olympus® II Business Flats Sorting

With the Olympus® II Business Flats sorting solution you can process 10x13 inch flats at speeds up to 21,000 pieces an hour. Our high-volume sorting solution can place flats into pockets or directly into USPS® tubs.

Uncover Savings at Every Opportunity

To determine the right preparation strategy for your flat business mail you've got to apply sound data not guesswork. For a clear picture of your postage savings options the mail operations experts from Pitney Bowes can analyze a representative snapshot of your mailstream and create a customized analysis and proposal. Taking into account daily mail volume ZIP CodeTM allocations potential machine ownership and labor costs outsourcing options and more our FREE no obligation analysis can help you objectively determine the profit potential of an in-house business flat sorting operation.


Starting November 2009 the United States Postal Service® will provide an extra $.003 per mailpiece discount for mailers utilizing Full Service Intelligent Mail barcodes. The Olympus II Business Flats Outgoing Mail Sorting Solution can help you gain access to this discount by printing Intelligent Mail barcodes with unique piece IDs on each mailpiece printing unique Intelligent Mail tray and pallet tags and complying with electronic MAIL.DAT submission standards. 


  • Automate business flats with ease
  • Cut costs and improve mail piece deliverability
  • Obtain maximum uptime with graphical displays designed for easy operation
  • Keep your mail flowing with automatic tray tag printing
  • Save time and labor with optional chutes that place mail directly into USPS® bins
  • Archive individual mail piece images for proof of processing
  • Intelligent Mail barcodes facilitate Address Change Services and Track and Trace Solutions