Save time and money by automating your inbound letter and flats sorting.

Olympus® II Incoming Mail Sorting Solution

The labor-intensive sorting of incoming mail can be costly and error-prone: Now you can save time and money by automating your inbound letter and flats sorting at speeds up to 36,000 pieces per hour.

Checks. Orders. Correspondence. Getting mail to the right person clearly impacts revenue and customer satisfaction. But keeping up with your ever-changing organization can be a challenge and redirecting mail that was misrouted due to manual processes can take weeks to sort out.

Even delays of a few hours can impact daily workflow. And when that workflow includes checks or other financial instruments, those delays could involve thousands of dollars in lost earnings. That's why more companies rely on the high-speed precision provided by the Pitney Bowes Olympus® II Incoming Mail Sorting Solution.


  • Automate labor intensive sorting of incoming mail
  • Enterprise database integration to automatically update intracompany moves
  • Maximum operator productivity with displays that show real-time sorting data
  • Achieve greater throughput with optimal read rates on a variety of mail types including pre-printed business reply envelopes, typed addresses, handwritten pieces, and interoffice mail
  • Handle a wide variety of mail types using built-in features for superior mail handling

Value-Add Features

  • Local Video Encoding (LVE) for automating non-OCR readable mail
  • Inline labeling system affixes labels for barcode repair and slick stock mail processing
  • Four printer locations on transport using state-of-the-art Imaje continuous inkjet printer
  • Optional chutes pockets easily sort and assemble flat mail and keep each piece direction oriented
  • LCD Monitors on sorting pockets provide destination identity
  • Autoscript system features a handwriting OCR for processing handwritten interoffice envelopes
  • Read-write OCR is capable of locating and reading address information that is handwritten hand printed and machine printed

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