Relay® Hub

Easily enhance your physical and digital documents to strengthen customer relationships.

Communicating effectively with customers in today’s connected and borderless world is complex. You’ve invested in systems, people and processes to help get your communications right -- but the costs of keeping up with technology and market changes continue to rise.

That’s why we created the Relay Hub, from the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. The Relay Hub gives you a single SaaS platform to manage both your physical and digital documents. It frees you from your current platform limitations, giving you the flexibility to easily meet ever-changing technology and customer demands. The Relay Hub enhances your customer communications in ways that improve customer engagement and increase paperless adoption, all while reducing mailing costs and keeping your current systems in place.

Relay Hub software

Sending the ideal customer communications just got a lot easier

Improve engagement

Improve engagement

Modernize your legacy documents with color and updated branding for more impactful communications that are easier to understand and respond to.

Decrease costs

Decrease costs

Add accuracy and efficiency to your mailing process by cleansing address data, reducing undeliverable mail and centralizing production to right-size printing and mailing hardware.

Increase paperless adoption

Increase paperless adoption

Easily shift printed documents to digital sending like email, while keeping document design intact for a seamless customer experience across channels.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Ensure private customer information is kept secure in the mailing process with the control and reporting to prove it.

Relay Hub Features

Relay Hub modules make it easy for you to choose the apps that you need now, with the flexibility to easily adapt as change happens later.

Document Enhancement

Create more impactful customer communications without changing your current systems.

  • Increase customer engagement by easily adding relevant messaging to existing white space on your documents.
  • Simplify the way information is presented in your documents to reduce payment delays and customer questions.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by simplifying the way information is presented in your documents.

Centralize production

Capture, centralize and control your communications from across your organization.

  • Improve staff productivity by moving desktop-produced communications to your centralized mail room.
  • Capitalize on economy of scale by eliminating and right sizing printers in departments and offices.
  • Maximize your existing customer communication management infrastructure.
  • Increase mail quality and integrity.
  • Optimize postal savings and reduce mail piece unit costs.

Document Integrity

Protect the private customer information in your mail.

  • Sort customer documents with varying pages while increasing mail security by adding mail piece integrity barcodes to your documents.
  • Create reference file and barcoding for file-based processing.

Digital Sending

Improve your paperless adoption rates.

  • Easily transition physical mail to paperless communication or send both (based on customer preference).
  • Send documents as an attached PDF or email a link to view a document on your website.
  • Includes reporting for delivery, hard bounces and soft bounces.

Address Quality

Reduce mailing costs and delays by eliminating bad address data.

  • Decrease undeliverable costs by validating delivery addresses and adding ZIP+4 using USPS CASS.
  • Improve delivery time-frames and customer satisfaction by proactively updating moves using USPS Full Service NCOALink.
  • Reduce mailing costs by grouping various documents sent to the same recipient or going to the same household.