Easily capture move updates with a hosted service.

VeriMove™ Access

Stay connected with your customers, reduce undeliverable mail and maximize postage discounts.

Every year almost 40 million US Postal Service customers file a change of address. With VeriMove Access your customer's move need not end in lost sales.

Customers don't always notify you of their new addresses and each outdated name in your customer records could be a lost customer or prospect. VeriMove Access OnDemand enables your business to stay connected with your customers.

VeriMove Access OnDemand checks customer records and proprietary mailing lists against the USPS National Change of Address database (NCOALink). By identifying new addresses of recent moves VeriMove Access helps you reduce undeliverable mail maximize postage discounts and meet the USPS Update requirement. Mailers can quickly and easily automate change of address processing while maintaining the security of proprietary mailing lists and customer data. In a nutshell VeriMove Access OnDemand improves customer communications and your bottom line.

VeriMove Access: Processing jobs in real time

The VeriMove Access OnDemand server network processes jobs in real-time. The services include:

  • CASS processing with DPV LACSLink and SuiteLink
  • NCOALink processing providing 48 months of updated addresses and return codes
  • Multiple job processing
  • Dispatcher Plus support for job scheduling
  • Optional private service support/customer dedicated services
  • Processing summary report USPS 3553 report and monthly customer usage report provided

Change of address processing - your way

VeriMove Access OnDemand is a convenient cost-effective hosted service that checks customer records against the NCOALink database to help you retain valuable customers and prospects. It also easily integrates into business processes. Unlike upload or email services the VeriMove Access OnDemand desktop client handles all network processing tasks and provides active job status information. Just set up and submit your jobs then obtain updated lists to stay in contact with your customers.

VeriMove Access — a scalable hosted solution

VeriMove Access OnDemand is one of our mailing and postal compliance software packages. It's available through cost effective subscriptions based on the number of records you process as your business grows.

Reduce administrative time with VeriMove Access

Read and update flatfile customer records in virtually any layout with VeriMove Access OnDemand - including unstructured or free form text. You can define multiple "jobs" to read process and update different types of customer lists. This flexibility of VeriMove Access allows easy integration of useful change-of-address data and reduces your administrative time.

Speed processes to meet tight deadlines

Automate VeriMove Access to run as part of your mailing process for maximum efficiency. You can utilize a variety of scheduling and mailing process applications available from Pitney Bowes Software to link NCOALink processing to meet your deadlines. This reduces your time investment while ensuring the highest quality customer list with the most current data.

Start processing your job now

The interactive VeriMove Access OnDemand desktop client lets you submit jobs now which are then processed with the next available server. VeriMove Access OnDemand features a site redundant architecture and options include a dedicated server for your company so processing can begin immediately. Make this operation part of your disaster recovery plan not the exception.

Protect your valuable customer data

The NCOALink service requires that your customer name-and-address lists be matched against the NCOALink database. This means you'll want to ensure your valuable customer information is protected and processed in a highly secure environment. VeriMove Access OnDemand utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption on uploaded and downloaded lists. The VeriMove Access client installed in your environment provides all encryption and decryption functions.