Customers are going to move. You just have to move faster.


Every year, more than 40 million people in the U.S. change their addresses. With customer relationships and timely cash flow at stake, it's important to stay in touch with them.

With VeriMove you can identify new movers quickly while minimizing change of address data handling and return mail costs.

The VeriMove system interfaces to the USPS NCOALink Change of Address (COA) database. NCOALink provides access to 18 or 48 months of move information. Using VeriMove you can interface with this central COA database to quickly update your customer data with new address information before you print and send your mail.

VeriMove operates on a wide range of platforms. VeriMove provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to help organizations process address changes in a Windows environment. VeriMove also operates on other high-end system environments including IBM Mainframe and various Unix systems.

VeriMove incorporates an internal CASS Certified™ software solution that provides address validation correction and standardization. This helps companies more accurately identify matches with the Move Update process.


  • Cut costs of returned mail and move forwarding
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in mail operations
  • Ensure cash flow without interruption
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The faster you identify movers the faster you cut costs

By automating the change of address process VeriMove makes quantum leaps in speed. It also offers site licensing allowing you to process multiple jobs at the same time on multiple systems to increase overall mail efficiency. Nothing like multi-tasking to speed things up right?

Consider too the costs of processing returned mail. The biggest return on investment comes from minimizing return mail handling and endorsement/outsource fees such as:

  • Cost to pay for USPS endorsements
  • Cost to handle returned mail/Address Change Service (ACS) file to update databases
  • Cost of delayed receipt of mail piece
  • Cost of lost customers due to errors in manual processes

VeriMove helps you get more customer addresses right the first time around.

Streamline your shop's operations. Protect your customer data.

With VeriMove you'll bring faster more automated move update processing to your operation. You'll be able to automate jobs and routine maintenance. This frees people for other assignments.

If you're security minded this in-house solution helps you protect sensitive customer data by processing it at your place not with a third party.

Keep your lines of customer communication -- and payments -- open.

Cash flow and customer communications rely on knowing exactly where your customers are even as they move around. So you can't afford to "lose" customers for long.

Stay in contact with more customers more of the time with VeriMove. You'll keep them happier through timely and reliable delivery of communications. With still another way to ensure reliable cash flow you'll be keeping management happy too.