Openers, Folders, Finishers & Shredders

Maintain your privacy, increase efficiency and prepare mail effortlessly.

Experience precision, quality and security every step on the way. With over 90 years of experience, we can help expand your business by providing you with the right mail opening, folding and finishing solutions for your needs.

Every step of the way



Ensure all your jobs are to leading market standards.



Automating daily processes saves you time and money.



A professional finish to mailings increases open rates, responses and helps brand your company consistently.



Make sure you protect your clients and your own privacy, shredding documents in the most responsible ways.


Open your mail

Letter openers save you time and become more efficient, helping you quickly deliver mail to the right recipients.
The precision slit on one side ensures that valuable documents aren’t damaged, while minimizing waste.

DL50™ letter opener

Speed up your mail opening operations.

Our desktop letter opener opens up to 20 letters per minute.

DL200™ letter opener

Automatically feed a wide range of mail pieces.

For organizations with moderate incoming mail volume, the DL200 automatically opens up to 250 envelopes a minute.

DL400™ letter opener

Rely on our fast and secure process to open your mail.

For organizations with large incoming mail volume, the DL400 automatically opens up to 400 envelopes a minute.

OMATION 306 letter opener

OMATION 306 letter opener

High volume, high speed envelope opening and sorting for all types of mail.

For organizations with large incoming mail volume, the OMATION 306 automatically opens up to 40,000 envelopes an hour. 

Fold your mail

Automate the manual tasks of folding your mail and newsletters.
Improve your productivity and give your mailings the professional look that your business deserves.

OfficeRight™ DF100 desktop folder

Stapled or unstapled, get crisp folds every single time.

Our desktop size folder that folds letters and documents instantly.

OfficeRight™ folder DF800

Fold your mail effortlessly and get the job done.

Fold up to 13,000 pieces per hour to save time and effort of preparing your mail.

OfficeRight™ folder DF900

Professional folding to improve your productivity.

Fold up to 20,000 pieces per hour to save time and effort of preparing your higher volume mailings.

Prepare your mail

Finishing refers to the activities that are performed on printed material after printing.
This includes binding, the fastening of individual sheets together as well as decorative processes such as die-stamping, embossing or laminating.

W360 multifunction tabber system

Benefit from automated postal discounts.

The W360 is ideal for tabbing newsletters, double postcards, letter size booklets, tri-fold brochures and other open-ended self-mailers.

Shred your mail

As competition between businesses and concerns about the security of personal information grow, it is of paramount importance for businesses and organizations to protect both sensitive internal information and sensitive information about their clients. Throwing whole pieces of paper containing such information into trash receptacles exposes businesses and organizations to great risk. One way to address concerns about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands is to use a shredder.

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As the inventors of the first commercially available postage meter, we have 90 plus years of experience delivering innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce.


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That's how many small businesses across the world we help communicate to their clients, fufil orders while enhancing productivity, improving mail delivery and optimizing postage spend.    

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We help you collect, track, process and use data to market to the best customers and expose them with communication that works.


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