Technology Support Services

Leverage customized service agreements and proprietary analytics to meet your business needs.

From break-fix to end-to-end support services, our global infrastructure drives meaningful impact with accuracy and precision. Our comprehensive coverage, innovative methodology and unparalleled knowledge can help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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Rely on experts to improve your bottom line.

Improve productivity

Facilitate an increased ROI for your equipment.

Deliver superior service

Provide expert assistance online, on the phone and in person.

Reduce complexity

Provide single point of contact for service optimizations.

Save money

Optimize performance by eliminating costly downtime.

Simplify the way you get support for your business operations.

Pitney Bowes Global Services provides customized Service Level Agreements for small to medium sized businesses and production print and mail operations. With remote, online or on the phone support, our experienced technicians have the skills and insight to keep your operations running flawlessly ensuring your physical and digital technology is up-to-date and performing at optimum levels. 

Equipment Service Level Agreements
Our standard and performance service agreements guarantee maximum operational performance while minimizing costly downtime. Our service maintenance provides skills, experience, insight and proactive maintenance to ensure clients stay up and running.

Equipment Maintenance Agreements
Our production print and mail service plans include periodic maintenance and repairs to ensure equipment is properly configured for maximum throughput. Our technicians use Pitney Bowes parts designed for optimum performance and longevity.

Software Maintenance Agreements
We offer three levels of support to help you quickly resolve technical issues and update software. Each service option provides access to web self-help, technical support, product repairs, data updates and rate changes.

We’ll keep your technology running smoothly, now and in the future.

To reach peak capacity, it’s critical that your systems maintain maximum efficiency and throughput. That’s why we offer Periodic Maintenance Optimization. We’ll provide next-level scheduled maintenance services to help you increase machine uptime and operator productivity. Periodic Maintenance Optimization is designed to:

  • Provide all CSRs and field personnel with forecasting, scheduling and tracking procedures.
  • Reduce scheduled downtime for routine services.
  • Deliver maintenance by module when you need it.
  • Minimize recovery time to peak production.

Intelligent machines by design help operators work smarter.

Clarity™ solutions, our innovative Industrial Internet application, turns real-time operational data into actionable insight to optimize performance. Clarity solutions accelerates results for your business by ensuring maximum output and minimum downtime. This is achieved by using sensor data to predict and resolve equipment and operator issues before they occur. Plus, with Clarity, you can create real-time schedules that get smarter over time.  

  • Clarity™ Advisor enables global experts to take a deeper look into your work site.
  • Clarity™ Optimizer delivers the ability to monitor and exceed industry standards to achieve optimal equipment performance and improved operator effectiveness and productivity.
  • Clarity™ Scheduler links a range of variables in near real-time, including available operators and equipment, jobs in production and planned downtime, into one dynamic schedule.

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Intelligent machines by design help operators work smarter.