Postage Meters

We make it easy to send mail, overnights and packages from your office or mail center.

Streamline all of your office sending. Plus, save on mailing and shipping costs with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. 

Our Portfolio

SendPro® Mailstation

SendPro® Mailstation

SendPro® Mailstation is designed to easily print First Class postage on letters, large envelopes, or postcards from a compact, manual-feed device.

Ideal for up to 50 mail pieces/week.

SendPro C Lite

SendPro® C Lite

Designed to handle weekly mail volumes and office shipping in an easy-to-use device with semi-automatic mail feeder and optional label printer.

Ideal for up to 200 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month

SendPro C

SendPro® C Auto

Designed to make processing large mail batches easy in an intuitive auto-feed device with reverse separation technology to minimize jamming.

Ideal for up to 500 mail pieces/week and 200 shipments/month

SendPro® P-Series

Designed to streamline multiple mailroom operations by automatically handling mail of different sizes, processing shipments and tracking incoming packages.

Ideal for more than 500 mail pieces/week and 200 shipments/month