A high volume system that provides virtually non-stop printing.

DM Infinity™ Digital Mailing System

The DM Infinity Series is the first USPS® approved high-speed digital metering solution for the production mail environment, metering mail up to 26,000 mp/hr.

The DM Infinity™ has patented dual print heads and ink cartridges that provide virtually non-stop printing a "no mess" environment and the ability to add advanced messaging on your mail pieces. Process mixed weight mail on a single meter utilizing Reset-on-the-Fly™ technology.

The DM Infinity™ is an intuitive easy-to-use metering system that is a plug and play replacement for existing Pitney Bowes R150/6500 meters. The DM Infinity’s removable User Interface Control (UIC) makes refills simple without the need for a phone line connection to your production floor.

DM Infinity™ Series:

Model Speed (mail pieces per hour) Mail Processing


Up to 16000 pph



Up to 26000 pph


Pitney Bowes DM Infinity™ is the first meter to print a black indicia that is crisp and easy to read. Our patented fast-drying ink will not smudge even at the highest processing speeds. And the innovation doesn’t end there – you have the ability to print postal inscriptions ad slogans and images on the indicia which can help readability rates and support your marketing efforts.


  • The only digital system that delivers high-speed productivity.
  • The only production system that creates more powerful mail.
  • The only high-volume meter that's USPS® compliant.

Indicia Permit and Graphics Printing 

  • Unlimited flexibility with one base
  • Print indicia and permit mail – Switch UICs in minutes 
  • Standardize materials to reduce envelope inventory costs

The only digital system that delivers high-speed productivity.

  • Non-stop printing with dual print heads
  • No downtime to add ink – ever
  • No-mess ink cartridges
  • Durable design reliable performance

The only production system that creates more powerful mail.

  • Prints crisp indicia with patented fast drying ink
  • Ink-saving IBI-lite indicia extends cartridge life
  • Instant postal messaging; no more metal slugs
  • Powered by IntelliLink® Technology
The only high-volume meter that’s USPS® compliant.
The United States Postal Service has mandated the implementation of enhanced meter technology that improves postal security. Phase III of this initiative now underway requires a conversion to digital print technology. This applies to all high-speed letterpress meters including the Pitney Bowes R150/6500 postage metering system.