Everything is addressable

Surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places and things.

Everyone, everyplace, everything is addressable.

An address is more than just a physical location. It anchors thousands of data points on people who inhabit or pass through it, places that are at that address and in close proximity, and things such as connected devices, mobile phones, sensors, and beacons.

There’s no other company in the world that knows more about addresses than Pitney Bowes.

For nearly a century, Pitney Bowes has processed 100s of billions of addresses, precision matched thousands of data points to each address, and ensured billions of pieces of mail every year get to its intended recipients quickly and efficiently. In this time, we have learned how to handle incredible amounts of data and find relationships in this data to help you better manage risk, improve decision making, and increase customer engagement. We refer to this knowledge and cross-industry expertise as the Knowledge Fabric.


Read the whitepaper and learn:

  • Why the fact that everything is addressable matters to you
  • How knowing more about addresses can reveal startling insights
  • How an address helps you deepen your knowledge of customers
  • What kind of competitive edge this can mean for your business

Through best-in-class software and data, the Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes is enabling insurers more accurately price risk, banks detect fraud more efficiently, retailers establish a 360 view of customers, social media platforms improve customer experience and telco providers produce accurate coverage maps. The world’s top 25 financial services companies, 40 out of 50 telecom companies, and many other organizations in public sector, retail and healthcare, trust Pitney Bowes Software and Data