Knowledge Fabric Whitepaper

Everything is Addressable

Surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places, and things.

Our addresses indicate not only where we live in this world, but also where we work, play, shop, eat, and learn, on street corners or in cyberspace.

Although an address is typically tied to physical location, an address is more than that.  It’s the data that binds people, places, and things together.

For nearly a century, Pitney Bowes has processed 100s of billions of addresses, precision matched thousands of data points to each address, and ensured billions of pieces of mail get to its intended recipients every year at lowest cost, as quickly as possible.            

In this time, we have learned how to handle incredible amounts of data and find relationships in this data to help leading organizations around the world better manage risk, improve decision making, and increase customer engagement.

Read the whitepaper and learn:

  • Why the fact that everything is addressable matters to you
  • How a mere address can help reveal startling business insights
  • Why quality data is foundational to impactful results, and how can it work for you
  • What it takes to gain a truly deep knowledge about your customers and locations

The world’s top 25 financial services companies, 40 out of 50 telecom companies, and scores of other organizations in public sector, healthcare, and retail trust Pitney Bowes Software and Data solutions. 

Pitney Bowes is helping insurance companies with accurate pricing of risk, financial institutions with managing data to meet regulatory conditions, telco providers with providing real time coverage maps, and retailers with establishing a single view of their customers.