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Connect+ Software Upgrade FAQ

UPDATED: February 27, 2018

Connect+® mailing and shipping systems with the Ship a Package™ application are being upgraded to a new software version. Ship a Package, which generates trackable USPS® shipping labels, is being replaced with a new shipping application based on Pitney Bowes’ latest innovation, called SendPro®

Upgrading to the newest Connect+ software is necessary to continue generating USPS shipping labels, and it also brings a new, modern design to your Connect+ system. See a preview of the new software

Review the list of FAQs for more information:

Why is this happening?
Pitney Bowes is constantly innovating so that we can provide our clients with greater value through our digital offerings. This upgrade will give your Connect+ display a new, modern look, and will include an enhanced solution for printing trackable USPS® shipping labels. 



Will I need to learn how to use the new shipping application?
The new shipping application was built on the same platform as Ship a Package, so the transition will be simple and hassle-free. You will still be able to print trackable (IM®pb compliant) shipping labels for USPS and track packages and expenses with built-in reports. You will notice that the application’s design is very similar to Ship a Package screens and makes sending anything easier. 



What if I don’t remember my password?
You can use the same username and password you used for the Ship a Package application. If you do not remember, please visit the online solution SendPro® at and select the link: “Forgot your password?”. 


Do I need to upgrade right away?
You will receive two email notifications. The first email will communicate the upcoming changes. The second email will let you know your Connect+ system is ready to download the update. Upon receipt of the 2nd email notification, you should take action right away to avoid any disruptions.

To complete the upgrade once you have been notified that the new software is ready for your Connect+ system, follow these steps:

  1. On the Connect+ home screen, press “Rates & Updates” (the same icon you use for postal rate updates).
  2. The system will check for updates. Once complete, click on the “Download updates” button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The software download could take approximately 10 minutes or more. When it is complete, the “Install updates” dialoge will appear. Click on the “Install now” button. (The installation will proceed automatically after five minutes if you don’t click anything.)
  4. The software installation may take thirty minutes or more. When it is complete, your Connect+ system will shut down automatically. Restart the system using the power button, and you will notice the new design of the home page.

Please note the entire upgrade process could take approximately forty-five minutes. 

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Will anything change on my bill?
Your bill will remain unchanged. As a valued Pitney Bowes client, we are happy to provide you with this upgrade at no additional cost. 



Can I access the shipping features on my desktop computer?
With the new shipping application on your Connect+ system, you will also be able to access your shipping capabilities, package tracking and shipping costs right from your desktop with SendPro® online.

Please visit and use the same username and password as you shipping application on your Connect+ system. If you do not know your password, select the link: “Forgot your password”. 



How do I add other users to access the shipping capabilities from their desktop?
With this upgrade, you are able to grant access to 50 users in your organization with access to the online shipping application from their PC. Each user will have their own log-in for desktop access and are able to print shipping labels on any attached printer. View instructions for how to add additional users

As the administrator you have the ability to monitor their shipping activity with the consolidated reporting feature through SendPro online.

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Is there any set-up involved?
Yes. After you upgrade your software, you will to need add funds to your shipping account. Your funding source will be transferred over automatically. Ship a Package and the new shipping application hold separate balances. Any remaining balance in the Ship a Package application will automatically be refunded to your payment source. View instructions to add postage to your shipping application.

You will notice that your contacts and cost accounts have not been transferred within the new shipping application. This will need to be done manually and on a desktop computer through your Ship a Package online and SendPro online accounts. (Please use the same username and password for both)

Note: You will have a limited time to obtain this information from your Ship a Package account, so we suggest you do this right away - see instructions



What will happen to my postage funds in Ship a Package?
Ship a Package and the new shipping application have separate USPS postage balances, so before you begin using the new application you will need to add funds. Your payment methods have transferred over. View instructions to add funds to your shipping application.

Any remaining funds from your Ship a Package account will automatically be refunded to your payment method. 

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Will I still receive the USPS discounts with the new shipping application?
Yes, you will still automatically qualify for the USPS shipping discounts of up to 39% off retail rates vs. going to the Post Office once you continue to generate shipping labels through the application. 



What will happen to my address book / list of contacts and cost accounts in Ship a Package?
Unfortunately, your contact list/address book and cost accounts from Ship a Package will not migrate over to our new shipping application. However, you can easily export all contacts in Ship a Package into a file that can be easily uploaded into online application. This must be done from a desktop computer. View instructions on how to export lists out of Ship a Package online solution and import into SendPro



Can I use the same shipping label printer I use on my Connect+ ?
You will still be able to use the shipping label printer that was provided with your Connect+ system. 



Why do I see FedEx® and UPS® on my home screen? 

This new, enhanced shipping application is based on Pitney Bowes’ latest innovation called “SendPro.” With SendPro, there is an optional subscription package to ship packages with USPS, FedEx and UPS. For more information on subscribing for FedEx & UPS shipping, please contact your Pitney Bowes Sales representative. 


Is there a direct Support Line to assist with activation and troubleshooting tips?
We're always here to help. You can contact us over the phone at 800-522-0020.


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