SendTech Community Guidelines

The SendTech Online Community is a place for you to interact with other users and ask questions, get answers, and share your knowledge with Pitney Bowes clients around the world. Our reputation and success depend in large part on how we treat each other. To ensure this is a welcoming and helpful place, we have a few guidelines. Please take a moment to read them.

Before you ask a question

Search to see if other community members already covered the topic. 

Stay on topic

Few things are more frustrating than searching for answers and getting lost in a side discussion. Please be respectful of everyone's time and stay on topic.

Don't be abusive

Disagreements happen. Abuse does not have to. Please keep differences of opinion civil. Likewise, we understand that you may be frustrated when you come here for answers. Please remember that everyone here—community members and Pitney Bowes employees alike— is a volunteer in this forum.

Don't spam

We want the conversation in the SendTech Online Community to be high-quality and useful, so we remove spam when we find it. We ask that you be considerate of other members and don't spam the forum.

Don't create or operate accounts that aren't authentic or create new accounts for the purpose of violating these guidelines.

Don't post content that is repetitive, deceptive, or irrelevant in an attempt to make money.

Please don't include the following in your posts

  • Links
  • Executable files or programs
  • Third-party applications
  • Videos
  • Sensitive information (financial data, address, names, etc.)
  • Copyrighted material

Reporting abuse

If you see something that goes against our Community Guidelines, please let us know. You can report abusive content and spam to

Still need product support?

If you require technical or account support for your product, please visit our product support page to see verified solutions or open a support case.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021