Determining Value of Service Support Deliverables

Use the chart to determine the general value of support deliverables provide by Pitney Bowes.
Pitney Bowes offers 2 different Service Level Agreements for equipment. Coverage is dependent on which Service Level Agreement (SLA) is purchased and listed on the order. 

Access an Overview of Pitney Bowes service offerings and level of support.

Certain coverage options may not be available for select products, and in certain areas where the equipment is located. Contact your sales representative for availability and details.

Note: SLA does not include maintenance and support for licensed or subscription software products. Software maintenance and support is described in the software maintenance agreement (SMA) for each respective proprietary licensed software product.

Service Level Agreement terms are within the general PB Terms document located on the page, Pitney Bowes Terms and Conditions.

Determining Value Table

Use the chart below to determine the general value of support deliverables we provide. If you have a Pitney Bowes Service Level Agreement (SLA) for equipment or Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for software solutions then you will not be charged the below fees.
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* Fees subject to change without notice.  Products covered by a technical support agreement will not be billed for the above, some exclusions may apply.  See terms and conditions for current information.

UPDATED: October 18, 2022