Printing a postage correction stamp in SendPro Online

Products affected: SendPro® Online

If you do not have enough postage on an envelope, you can print a postage correction stamp to add more postage.

  1. From the SendPro Home screen, select Stamp Sheets & Rolls.
    SendPro Online home screen with Stamp Sheets and Rolls highlighted
  2. Select Stamp Sheet if printing on a sheet, or Stamp Roll if printing on a roll.
  3. Select Print postage correction stamp from the Mailing Services / Stamp Value menu.
    SendPro Online Print postage correction stamp menu option
  4. Enter the value of your correction stamp.
  5. Select Add this value.
  6. Select Print.
    • If printing from a web browser, a PDF of the stamp sheet opens in a new browser window or tab. Use your browser's print function to print this file.

UPDATED: January 19, 2021