Creating a Same-day Delivery label in SendPro Online

You can use Pitney Bowes Same-day Delivery in SendPro Online to send important documents and critical packages across town.
Products affected: SendPro® Online

Pitney Bowes Same-day Delivery is a service that will pick up packages and deliver them across town. Availability varies based on various factors, including location and delivery window.

  1. From the Home screen, select Same-day Delivery.
  2. Enter the recipient address, or select the Choose from Address Book icon to select an address from the address book.
  3. The pickup location defaults to your default sender address. To change the pickup location, select the Change link next to the Pickup Location. The pickup location must already be in your address book as a sender address.
  4. To add pickup instructions for the carrier, click in the Add Pickup Instructions field and enter the instructions.
  5. To send text notifications, select Send mobile text notifications and enter the phone number.
  6. To email the tracking number when you print the label, select the Email the tracking number box and enter the email address.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Select the package type and size.
  9. Enter the value of the package in the Package Value field.
  10. Select Continue.
  11. In the Pickup Time Window section, select the start and end times between which you want the package to be picked up.
  12. In the Delivery Time Window section, select the start and end times between which you want the package to be dropped off.
  13. In the Delivery Instructions field, enter any delivery instructions for the carrier.
  14. Select Continue.
  15. On the Choose Your Service screen, select the desired service.
  16. In the Extra Services section, select any desired services.
  17. Select Print.
You can track your same-day delivery live from the History screen.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021

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