CPU Volume Share Testing Issue

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CPU Volume Share Testing Issue


: A Server/Slave P/I Output Manager installation is installed at FIS. The intent of the installation and configuration is to have all input clients run on “slave” servers.PIOM 2.4 is installed on a “master” server and then the slave servers installed as a “Remote Client without GUI” installation. If I run a PCL2VDD client locally on the “master” server the PCL input client processes the job and completes without issue. If I attempt to run the PCL Input Client from the “slave” server, I get the following error. I have the “Shared” drive security setup so that “everyone” has full control access (read,write,execute) on the Shared Drive. The EPFAX.INI File exists in the bin directory of the installation. The licensing has all necessary security to run input clients on either the master or slave servers. We need to determine what is causing the 2071 error. If the EPFAX.INI file is not present in the bin directory, then you will receive the 2070 error. But we cannot reproduce the 2071 error. 


Resolution of the issues centered around applying registering settings for:

  • Disablement of User Account Controls

  • Enabling of Linked Connections for Elevated User Privileges whereby Elevated User accounts didn’t have the same privileges to mapped drives.

Other issues involving directory caching whereby virtual resources could not be read when running output clients on the client servers has also been resolved by applying registry settins for SMB2

  • SMB2 Lanman Server Parameters

  • Lanman Workstation Keep Connections

UPDATED: March 24, 2017

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