Running a Postage Refill report in SendPro Analytics

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Products affected: SendPro® Analytics

Run a Postage Refill report to see how and where your mailrooms refilling postage.

In this scenario, we want to enforce enterprise-wide funding through approved channels by ensuring that only Purchase Power accounts are being used, and that there are no unauthorized Reserve Accounts, and see which locations might be over- or under-filling meters.

  1. Click Reports in the main menu.
  2. Click Postage Refill in the first row of tabs.
  3. Click Fund Type
    • Provides single view and enforces using the correct account for funding. Ensures . (Corporate may want Purchase Power Account only, and one site has opened their own Reserve Account. )
  4. Click By Location
    • Which locations and meters at that location are refilling and by how much. Can indicate over- or under-filling meters.
  5. Click By Account
    • Ship to BPN is the client account number for the installed location. One row for each BPN. Allows for charge-back reports. Custom fields allow location spends to be charged back to general ledger accounts (internal cost centers).
  6. Click Account Balances
    • This is a nightly feed, showing the balance and how active the account is.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021