Viewing your job status on the Mailstream on Demand Virtual Mailroom Pitney Bowes Reporting Site

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Products affected: Mailstream on Demand Virtual Mailroom

You can view the status of your jobs on the Mailstream on Demand Virtual Mailroom Pitney Bowes Reporting Site.

  1. Go to the Pitney Bowes Reporting Site and sign in with your email address and password. Your custom reporting site address ( can be found in your welcome email and your Statement of Work.
  2. To view your submitted jobs, select Monitoring > Submitted.
    The job status symbol is displayed in the Status column. See Job Statuses below for details.
  3. To view your booked jobs, select Monitoring > Booked.
  4. To view your closed jobs, select Monitoring > Closed.
    (Optional) Use date field to change the date range of closed files that are displayed. The date selection is only available when viewing Closed jobs.
  5. To view jobs with errors, select Monitoring > Errors.

Job Statuses

mod-job-status-1This print job has been received but processing has not yet completed
mod-job-status-2Processing is in progress, but allocation to print centers is not yet complete
mod-job-status-3Processing complete, all Jupiter distribution has finished and the files are available for download by the print center
mod-job-status-4All print centers have received and processed this job, and each shows a minimum status of Printed
mod-job-status-5All print centers have completed this work item and placed your items in the mail
mod-job-status-6This job has been automatically closed as a result of Jupiter processing. This happens for email transmissions or when you supply property data to affect the Job on submission.

Status at a single print location

These values reflect a single workflow at the individual print center. To view the print center status, click on the Supervision Status, then click on a selected row.

mod-job-status-7The download from our servers has been initiated and is currently still in progress
mod-job-status-8Download has completed and the fulfillment workflow has commenced at this print center
mod-job-status-9This print center has registered that the printing phase of your work items is complete
mod-job-status-10This work item is complete and all items have been posted

UPDATED: August 14, 2021