Changing the sender (from) address in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online
If needed, you can change the sender (from) address when creating a shipping label.
  1. From the SendPro Online Home screen or the Print menu, select a carrier.
  2. Select the sender address in the upper left.
    SendPro Online Change Sender Address
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • To select a different address from your Address Book, select View all senders and select the desired address.
    • To make a change to the currently selected address, select Edit sender address, make the necessary changes, and select Confirm Address.
    • To enter a new address, select Add new sender address, enter the address, and select Confirm Address.

Tip: To set the default sender address, go to Settings > Label Options > Use a default sender address.

UPDATED: June 01, 2021