How to determine the position of an object on the page in P/I Output Manager

This article assumes the user has run a job through PIOM and has the job in the Job Queue Manager window.

All measurement values are in relation to the top left corner of the page.

1. Left-click the job to highlight it.
2. Right-click the job and select View Job.
3. Viewer will open and show the first side of the job.
4. Navigate to the side where you wish to measure the object.
5. Click the Output Enhancement Editor button on the toolbar, then select "Create a new Output Enhancement Script File".
User-added image
6. Magnify the page until you have a close-up view of the object to be measured.  In this case we are going to measure the barcode under the mailing address.  Here is the close-up view:
User-added image

7. From the upper left-hand corner of the object, left-click and drag the area to the lower right-hand corner of the object:
User-added image
8. Drag the sides to make the area as close to the object as possible:
User-added image
9. Once you have defined your Area of Interest, the coordinates will be shown as a new object in the script editor:

10.  BEGINWINDOWX and BEGINWINDOWY are the upper left-hand corner of the area and ENDWINDOWX and ENDWINDOWY are the lower right-hand corner of the area.  The numeric values are measurements in VIP units in relation to the left edge (X) or top edge (Y) of the page.  There are 14400 VIP units per inch for measurements.

11.  To determine the measurements in inches, simply divide the coordinate values by 14400:
BEGINWINDOWX 53952 = 3.7466 Inches from the left edge
BEGINWINDOWY 86736 = 6.0233 Inches from the top edge
ENDWINDOWX 88704 =  6.1600 Inches from the left edge
ENDWINDOWY 88944 = 6.1766 Inches from the top edge

So, the Area of Interest dimensions are:
3.7466 to 6.1600 inches from the left edge, and 
6.0233 to 6.1766 inches from the top edge.

Once you have determined the location of the object, you may close the viewer.  When prompted by the window, select "Don't Save" so the script work area is not saved.



Subject: PIOM issues

Initial Details: They have a few jobs where the barcode was moved. now when it puts the header at the top of each page with the letter number it is putting in all zeros. Needs to get the xy dimensions to get the rectangle to create the proper dimensions. Need to know exactly where that field is. so that they can fix the barcode

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

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