Does P/I Output Manager support mainframe connection via FICON?



PIOM - Does Output Manager Support Mainframe connection via FICON?


We support 2 options for mainframe printing.

Via channel card. Can be regular Bus/tag or Escon, same process. Card and driver are customized for P/I Output Manager and only these cards (which must be purchased from PB) are supported. The channel card will appear as a system printer to the mainframe. The jobs will be processed via the JES spool as normal.   

TCP/IP connectivity. This is much the preferred option. Cheaper and much simpler to manage. In this case the customer will need mainframe software to allow to print to a network printer. So products like, MVS Download or IP Printway, both IBM products which the customer may already have. We do have our own product called JESConnect which sits on the mainframe and performs the same function.

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

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