OFMA - archived documents are not updated on database

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Documents which have been archived are in incorrect job status on the database, this causes re-archive attempts which fail as the document is no longer in the DocumentStore.



SQL database is 'too busy' to update the job status when Admin service reports the archive status.

The 'too busy' condition is caused by combination of factors:
* Database is too large, which causes delays in operations
* The SQL server is experiencing deadlocks and timeouts
* There are too many archive errors which contribute to the timeouts and deadlocks

This issue is present on all versions of 3.9 OFMA variants.


Immediate workaround is to manually archive the missing files using a SQL query.
This will alleviate the pressure from the SQL server when it no longer needs to process the missing file archive.

use PIOfficeMail

update job
set Archived = 1
where Archivable = 1 and Archived = NULL and JobID IN

The JobID can be obtained from the Admin SVC log file.

Unfortunately there is no solution as of yet to version 3.9 OFMA, resolution has been developed for version 4 OFMA.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017

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