How to Enable Outline, TrueType Font Support in AFP Input Job with Output Manager


Outline Font Support in AFP Input Client is supported with these conditions.

  • There is support for outline fonts (just fonts not collection) in AFP input jobs when they are in Object Containers.
  • AFP Input client extracts the font into a folder specified by the parameter AOTTFP and AOTTFE in the set file.  
  • AOTTFE  should have a value of AOTTF.
  • AFP Input client will create a virtual version of these fonts from the extracted native outline font.
Note: For short summary on fonts supported by AFP Input Client, please refer to AFP2VDD Command Guide under "Support in Output Clients for Non Presentation Objects".

Output Manager Output clients have different support methods for outline fonts in AFP Input jobs.

  • The default for non-IPDS Output Clients, is to convert the virtual outline fonts to a bitmap.  The specific Output Client Command Guides will have the details.
  • PDF and PostScript Output Clients can create outline fonts with PDFOUT_FONT_FORMAT=OUTLINE command in the profile. 
  • IPDS Output client support is covered on LF3 command in IPDS configuration file.  Please refer to VDD2IPDS Command Guide for details.

Note: Format of Outline fonts in outputs could be bigger in size, compared to bitmap format.  If final output destination is a printer, please test the application on the device before locking in the end process.  Send the job with outline fonts.  Test it also with bitmap fonts.

UPDATED: December 05, 2017

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