How to Upgrade from IOP to Shipping API for Sendsuite Live and SendSuite Xpress

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Products affected: SendSuite® Live, SendSuite® Xpress
Read these frequently-asked questions to learn about the impact of this required upgrade for your SendSuite® outbound shipping solution.

View details about changes to your statement, and learn the steps that Pitney Bowes will take to upgrade your account.

As part of this upgrade, Pitney Bowes will replace the IOP (Instant Online Postage) carrier with a new USPS® Shipping carrier, called the Shipping API (Application Programming Interface) within your SendSuite outbound shipping solution.
What is the reason for this upgrade? 
Pitney Bowes is upgrading all SendSuite Live and SendSuite Xpress customers to the Shipping API in an effort to provide our customers with the newest technology, streamline their billing statements, and deliver the best possible USPS rates.

Am I required to change carriers from IOP to the Shipping API?
Yes, you are required to upgrade from IOP (Instant Online Postage) to the new Shipping API (Application Programming Interface). This upgrade is taking place across the Pitney Bowes’ SendSuite Live and SendSuite Xpress client base.

When will I change carriers?
Someone from Pitney Bowes will contact you regarding this upgrade. All current clients will be upgraded to the new Shipping API (Application Programming Interface) by December, 2017. All new SendSuite customers will automatically be set up with the Shipping API. 

Are there fees associated with this upgrade? 
No, there are no fees associated with upgrading to the Shipping API. This is a remote, no-charge upgrade that is critical to maintaining the performance of your SendSuite system.   

What are the benefits of the upgrade from IOP to the Shipping API? 
The Shipping API upgrade offers you new capabilities. Take advantage of these new capabilities, including: 
  • Elimination of virtual meters providing a streamlined billing and account funding process 
  • Account Balance features allowing users to report on the remaining account balance on the account
  • Ledger reporting showing each refill charge against your PB Purchase Power or Reserve account
  • Refund support for canceling/voiding labels and reporting to show those transactions
  • Discounted USPS shipping rates for multi-carrier shippers delivering increased savings

Will the funding process of my account change with this upgrade? 
Yes. Previously, with IOP your account was funded with $600 dispersed across 6 virtual meters. With the Shipping API, your virtual meters will be eliminated and funding will all be account based. 
Rather than seeing many line items for small amounts allocated across 6 virtual meters, you will now see a new section for Shipping Activity with line items that indicate Pstg/Shipping and show the entire replenishment amount on one line. If you are using more than the replenishment amount in one month, you will see a line item with the date for each time your SendSuite account is replenished. 
View details about changes to your statement.

Why do I have a $400 charge on my statement?
Your SendSuite Shipping API account will start with $0 until the first transaction is processed.  The first label printed triggers a pull from your Purchase Power or Reserve Account to fund your SendSuite account with $400. Each SendSuite transaction will deplete the account until there is only $100 left, then a new $400 will be pulled from your Purchase Power or Reserve Account to replenish your SendSuite account.

How is Pitney Bowes able to deliver further discounted USPS rates? 
Our long-standing relationship with the USPS allowed us to forge a partnership to deliver the best USPS shipping rates available to our customers that currently ship with multiple carriers. These discounted rates can be accessed seamlessly through your SendSuite Live / SendSuite Xpress software thanks in part to the Shipping API upgrade.
Our USPS rates via the Shipping API offer you a 20% savings on average when compared to national carriers, allowing you to reduce your everyday shipping costs and use the savings to grow your business.

UPDATED: June 02, 2021