How to enter proxy settings for FedEx Ship Manager Server in SendSuite Xpress and Ascent

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Products affected: SendSuite® Xpress, Ascent™
Depending upon your network's settings, a proxy server may need to be used to in order for FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) to connect to FedEx. You will need to obtain the proxy setup information from your IT department.

To enter proxy server information into FedEx Ship Manager Server (Version 13.08):
  1. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\FedEx\Fedex_Bin\.
  2. Double-click on CommSetup.exe. The setup utility will open.
  3. Under Direct Access Settings, select Connect through a Proxy Server.
  4. Enter the proxy setting information for your network. Contact your IT department to obtain this information.
  5. Select Test Internet Connection to FedEx to test the connection to FedEx server.
  • If the test is successful, select OK to close the utility.
  • If the test is not successful, contact your IT department for further assistance.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021