How to edit an account name on the SendPro 300

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Products affected: SendPro® 300
To edit an account name:
  1. From the Home screen, select Mail.
  2. Select Select an Account.
  3. Select Edit an account.
  4. If the Supervisor password has been enabled, you are prompted to enter it. Enter the 4-digit Supervisor password and select the Return key on the keypad. The Edit an Account screen displays.
  5. Select an account from the list displayed, or enter the account number and select the Return key.
  6. If an Account Password has been assigned to this account, you will be prompted to enter it. Enter the 4-digit Account Password and select Continue.
  7. Select Edit Account Name.
  8. Enter a new name when prompted and select the Return key. You return to the Edit an Account screen.
  9. Select Clear (back arrow) to return to the Accounts Management screen.
  10. When you are finished editing accounts, select Clear (back arrow) to return to the Mail screen.

UPDATED: June 08, 2021