how to improve processing speed of large statements in piom

Product Affected: Production Information Output Manager™ &  Production Information Output Enhancement™
few suggestion to help improve speed when processing large files in piom

1. Use a Region object instead of a Boundary object to determine the start, and end of a mailpiece; the process speed of a Region object is faster than a Boundary objects. 

2. Use advance indexing instead of regular indexing:
-Extract the start and end position of the document then index the document
-Please refer to the reference guide: \MGR2.5.10\doc\VDE_RG.pdf (pages 145-146)

3. Using a resolution of 300 may help too if the resolution is set to 600.

4. Do parallel PDF-In processing, Using multiple PDF-In clients. 

5. With the profile option VDEPERFORMANCE=YES you can determine the time each object takes during the process, all the information will be populated to the SYSTEM.LOG

UPDATED: November 03, 2017

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