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PitneyShip & DeviceHub

  • What is PitneyShip?
    PitneyShip is our new shipping and mailing software that replaces SendPro Online.
  • How do I get PitneyShip?
    Your account will be automatically moved from SendPro Online to PitneyShip. You will be notified via email before this happens.
  • How do I learn how to use PitneyShip?
    All of our help topics have been updated to include instructions for both SendPro Online and PitneyShip. Once you open a topic, just select the option that matches your screen to go to the correct instructions.
  • What is DeviceHub?
    DeviceHub is a program that connects your printers and scales to PitneyShip. DeviceHub is required for printing stamp rolls and envelopes in PitneyShip.
  • How do I get DeviceHub?


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UPDATED: August 19, 2022

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