How to select the correct unattented mode in PIOM

Product Affected: Production Information Output Manager™

As per manual, the unattended mode control the behavior of system while it run and no one is connected.

Using Unattended Mode
If an input job is halted by an error (missing resources, for example), the client being used remains occupied and other jobs destined for that client are held up until the problem is resolved, or the halted job is aborted. This is undesirable when the system is likely to be left running unattended for any length of time, for instance, overnight. Placing the system in Unattended Mode by opening the Settings tab in the Desktop ribbon and deselecting Off, the default, can alleviate the problem by automatically aborting any job that is halted by an error condition. This releases the client concerned, so that other queued job can continue to be processed without user intervention. The availability of Unattended Mode is at the discretion of the System Administrator and the Mode option may not be present in the menu bar. Unattended Mode has four mutually exclusive options, the selected one being indicated by a filled radio button:
Off                                       Unattended mode inoperative.
Input                                   Input jobs with errors are aborted to allow processing to continue with the remaining queued jobs.
Output                Output jobs with errors are aborted to allow processing to continue with the remaining queued jobs. Requires that input processing has been carried out and the jobs queued.
Input And Output           Allows jobs to pass through both input and output processing uninterrupted. Any job causing errors is aborted. If this occurs at the input stage, the job does reach output processing.              
When running in unattended mode, an advisory notice is displayed in a yellow band below the main menu bar. Aborted jobs remain in the Job Queue Manager, marked ABORTED and one or more error messages are displayed in the Information Manager. Unattended mode for output is best suited to jobs where the output is to file, such as IJPDS or PDF. Where output is to a device such as a printer, some error conditions, for example a paper-wreck cannot be resolved without user intervention


Subject: Message window is not displayed in PIOM console

Initial Details: The OE script uses MESSAGE ABORTCONTINUE to display a pop-up window when there is an error during processing. However, the job runs at night when no operator is connected. In the morning when user logs in, the job is stalled/blocked and cannot be resumed. The context menu shows a Continue option but it is greyed out. The only trace of the message is in the system log : 16/12/16 - 05:40:23 D000000 PS-IN (VDE) - 2016 December 16 05:40:23: Abort 4: For P/I Output Manager job 9066 16/12/16 - 05:40:23 D000000 PS-IN (VDE) - Process suspended - awaiting abort/continue How can we resume the job when there is no dialog window? Regards, Daniel

UPDATED: November 03, 2017

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