How to setup mailrun or jobtype custom field in DFWorks


Product Affected: DFWorks™
required step:
1. Select Admin Enrollment/Client Configuration/Workflow Enrollment from sidebar menu.
2. Select Client if a choice is available. The mailrun custom field must be enrolled for each client. If the system has been set up according to the latest practices, the only client will be "Default Client" and you may not have to select anything.
3. There should be a list of process steps with a + sign next to each one to expand it. Click the + sign next to the "Summary" step. This applies to the whole mailrun.
4.Click the Add Variable button.
5. Fill in the boxes to create a new variable. Suggested values are:

• Process Step Variable Name: Whatever you want to call it. Please limit to alphanumeric or underscore, no spaces, + or - etc. or it won't work in the data maps.
• Display Name: Same as Process Step Variable Name
• Display As: Probably you want STRING.
• Map to Standard Variable: Leave blank
• Data Collection Mode: AUTOMATIC
• Data Requirement Type: OPTIONAL
• Select Entity: Leave blank
• Step Summary Field: Check this
• Foreground Flag: Do not check this

A lot of these options were part of the old "EJT" capability which is no longer used and it doesn't matter how they are set. But the above settings had been tested.

6. Don't forget to click "Add Variable" and then "Save" back on the Workflow Enrollment page. If the entry is successful a new column in the table MR_CUSTOM_FIELDS_DATA corresponding to the new field will be visible.


Subject: dfworks, need to separate jobs from test and prod server on productionview

Initial Details: The first criteria to separate job in production workflow/production view should be the second digit of the job name (who show the server on which the job was done)

UPDATED: November 03, 2017

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