How to use AFPDS Tagged Logical Elements (TLEs) in DOC1 Designer

The usage of TLE's is documented in the Designer User Guide in the following section:

AFP Indexing
AFP indexes should only be specified in a Designer publication when at least one of the
intended output datastream is AFP. The index information is in binary form and is intended for
use only with third party software that can deal specifically with this indexing structure.
Format of AFP Indexes

When creating a journal that will be used as an AFP index, each entry must include four values
that are used to provide parameters for the AFP index structure. These are:
  • Attribute The name associated with entries of a particular type.
  • Attribute value A value that distinguishes this entry from others with the same title.
  • Sequence number A numeric value that indicates the sequential order of index entries.
  • Level A numeric value that subdivides index entries with the same attribute title.

The values must be specified in the order shown and you may not omit any value. In the
production environment Generate will use journals defined as AFP indexes in two ways:
  • The journal file itself will be created as a self-contained AFP index containing all the entries generated by the job.
  • For the AFP datastream itself an AFPDS Tag Logical Element (TLE) structured field containing the relevant index values will be included in each page generated by the appropriate publication.

UPDATED: November 16, 2017

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