How to manage your funds when returning, replacing or upgrading your meter

Learn how to manage your funds when returning, replacing or upgrading your meter.
Clients returning a postage meter.
Transferred postage funds may become available for reuse, credit or refund when you deactivate and return a meter. Credit and refunds for postage funds depends on the method of payment used, as credit is assigned back to the original funding source(s).
  1. Arrange a Return
We need to know in advance if you are sending us a meter. Call Pitney Bowes at 1-844-256-6444 to make arrangements for a smooth return process. Your customer service representative will give you instructions specific to your contract type and meter model.
Per USPS regulations and to prevent unauthorized use, you must deactivate your meter by transferring postage funds from your meter to your postage account. The credit for transferred funds will be assigned to the original funding source.

Instructions for deactivating your meter depend on the return method and type of equipment you are returning.
  • When you deactivate and return smaller meter models, we may send you a box and/or a label to ship your equipment back to us.
  • Per your lease agreement, Pitney Bowes may have instructed you to contact a preferred courier to pack and ship your equipment. If you need help deactivating your meter, chat with a Pitney Bowes customer service representative.
  • If you have been informed by Pitney Bowes that a field representative will pick up your equipment, he/she will assist you with the funds transfer.
If your meter is inoperable, Pitney Bowes will transfer the funds to your postage account for you (allow for additional processing time).
  1. Confirm Your Account Balance
Once you have transferred funds to your postage account, you can check your balance with the following 2 options:
  • Sign In to Your Account Online to view your Postage balance
  • Call PB Postage: 1-844-256-6444; Select Postage and then listen for the prompt Hear my balance. Please have your account number ready.
Note: If you are using Purchase Power to fund your meter, and you are at your credit limit, it may take up to 24 hours for the funds to become available.
  1. Need a Refund for Your Unused Postage Funds?
  • If you are replacing or upgrading your meter, a refund is not necessary. You may be able to reuse the funds on your new meter.
  • If you are returning your meter without plans to replace it (at the end of lease or account cancellation), you may be eligible for a refund.
    • If you have multiple meters on your account, the transferred funds may be used to fill other meters on that account.
    • Refer to your original funding source to determine if you quality for a refund. If you are not planning any other meter activity and are eligible, you may request a refund.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021

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