How to use Key In Postage mode on the DM500, DM525 and more

Products affected: DM500™, DM525™, DM550™, DM575™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM825™, DM875™, DM900™, DM925™, DM1000™, DM1100™
To use the Key In Postage feature:
  1. Press Mode.
  2. Select Key In Postage.
  3. When the Ready screen appears, enter the postage amount using the number buttons on the IntelliLink Control Center.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. If accounting is enabled, select Account and chose an account.
  6. If necessary, adjust the thickness adjustment knob and the light mail/postcard selection knob.
  7. To print on a mail piece, place the mail on the feed deck and press Start. To print on tape, press Tape.

UPDATED: March 02, 2015