Adding New meter onto DFWorks


To add Infinity Meter to DFWorks.
Note: Meter head should have already been configured with IP Address/ Subnet and RMRS account number and set to "Use LAN"
Log onto DFWorks as Site Administrator/or User lever with rights to Enroll meters.
Go to Postage Accounting/Enrollment/Meter/New
Enter serail number of new meter
Select meter type Infinity from pulldown
Select RMRS Account number from pulldown
Enter IP address of meter.
Meter Status source (DC)
Server IP from pulldown select 10.10.10.xx segment.
Move to Funds Configuration tab and complete the Maximum Epected funds, Low Thershold Amount and Default Amount (for refills)
Select Automatic = Yes (for DFWorks to set the meter Automatically when it Low Threshold Amount is reached


Subject: New meter enrolled onto DFWorks

Initial Details: GMS server rep. installed new meter on DFWorks needed assitance.

UPDATED: March 20, 2015