Resolve error codes that require a software update on the DM300C, DM400C, DM450C and DM475

Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™, DM450C™, DM475™


Your meter displays one of the following error codes, indicating that your meter has a software issue that requires a software upgrade:

0117, 030A, 030B, 031A, 031B, 031C, 031D, 031E, 031F, 0313, 0314, 0315, 0316, 0317, 0318, 0319, 0322, 0323, 11DA, 11F6,1102, 1103,  2E17, 201F, 220C, 2220 and E2E17


Your internal meter software is missing or corrupt.


Follow these steps to restart your meter and check for software updates:
  1. Unplug your power cord.
  2. Wait three minutes.
  3. Plug your power cord back in, ensuring that it plugs directly into a wall outlet.
  4. Press Menu.
  5. Press Page Down twice.
  6. Select Data Center Options.
  7. Select Check for Updates.
  8. Wait for updates to download and install.
Use the Contact Us options below if you have no software updates, or if your error code returns and you need further assistance. Have your model and serial number ready.

UPDATED: March 19, 2020