How to export DFWorks database to be imported to another system

1. Stop DFWorks services (UDH Web, UDH App, Tomcat).
2. Under Start Menu/Programs/DFWorks you will see a utility "Database Maintenance". Run that.
3. Click "Test Connection" to test the database connection. This is required before you can get into the program.
4. After testing database connection press OK to get into the maintenance program.
5. Select the "Backup On Demand" tab.
6. Select Export.
7. Under "Tables to exclude from export" check MP_DETAILS.
8. Supply a destination folder and click Run.


Subject: RE: DFWorks Database

Initial Details: Hi All BCBSSC wants to move forward with connect plus mail machines. To do so, DFWorks will have to be upgraded to software version 3.0.77. BCBSSC is a very custom site. After several discussions, it has been determined that we will need to set up a mirrored test environment in Danbury or possible Poland to test the upgrade of BCBSSC platform before we try this on site. To support that testing, Engineering has requested a copy of BCBSSC’s DFWorks data base. To meet that request, I need to have a hard drive shipped to the site. That hard drive needs to be password protected per BCBSSC’s request for security of the data base. Once the hard drive is on site, I will need someone from Danbury ( I believe it will be Mark F) to help John Burham on site to copy the DFWorks Data base to the hard drive. The John will set the password. Then ship it back to Danbury with a tracking number. He will then call Danbury and let them know what the password is for the hard drive. Bruce Barrows will be responsible for the drive until testing is complete. Address BCBS of SC 1816 WILLOWBY ST COLUMBIA SC 29223 3862 John U Burham (PB Site Coordinator) Cell: 515.867.0699 From: James A Neild Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 11:17 AM To: David F Worrell; Tony H Farmer; Bruce J Barrows; Craig D Shaeffer; Justin Ivey; Srinivas Komma Cc: Mark M Fanesi; Matthew Zheng Subject: RE: DFWorks Database Tony. I can help out on this request. Please do the following. 1. The USB drive I have is a AES Hardware Encrypted 1TB password protected device. I assume the DB will fit, but reach out the onsite team to confirm. 2. Please send an email to detailing what is needed for this request. (Please include DFWorks in the subject line.) a. In the email, also Include the contact and address of the individual at BCBS SC that will be receiving the drive. b. I also need to know who in DFWorks Engineering is going to be responsible for keeping the drive and data secured while it is in their possession. 3. A Sales Force ticket will get created and I will assign this to Mark Fanesi to coordinate with the onsite team. 4. No passwords will be sent via email and the drive will need to be shipped with a tracking number. 5. Once the drive is back in Supports possession it will be formatted. Thanks James Neild Manager Worldwide Software Support T + 1 203 796 6922 M +1 203 947 6469 F + 1 203 749 7517 Pitney Bowes 37 Executive Drive Danbury, CT 06810 From: David F Worrell Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 10:56 AM To: Tony H Farmer; Bruce J Barrows; Craig D Shaeffer; Justin Ivey; Srinivas Komma; James A Neild Subject: RE: DFWorks Database Hi Tony, I do not have one. Coping in James Neild to see if maybe his team can help. David From: Tony H Farmer Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:27 AM To: Bruce J Barrows; Craig D Shaeffer; Justin Ivey; David F Worrell; Srinivas Komma Subject: RE: DFWorks Database Hi Guys I know Paul has a call set up for next week to talk about how we are going to support. But I do need to move this forward, who can ship a drive out to the site so we can get the Data base into Danbury? Thanks Tony From: Bruce J Barrows Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 2:02 PM To: Tony H Farmer; Craig D Shaeffer; Justin Ivey; David F Worrell; Srinivas Komma Subject: RE: DFWorks Database Who owns the task of shipping the drive out? ________________________________ From: Tony H Farmer Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 1:58 PM To: Craig D Shaeffer; Justin Ivey; Bruce J Barrows; David F Worrell; Srinivas Komma Cc: Matt Riordan; Joseph Corey; Alan Sykes; Gene R Pritchard; Teresa L Henry; Desmond Kilcoyne; Paul M Mayer; John Kline; Jim Bullard; John Burham Subject: FW: DFWorks Database Hi All BCBSSC has approved PB using their database to do testing for the 3.0.77 upgrades As we did last time, PB will need to ship an external hard drive big enough to hold BCBSSC database. The hard drive must be password protected so that the guys on site can put the data base on it, then set a password on the hard drive. They will then ship the hard drive back to Danbury. Then e mail the password to Danbury in a separate e mail. Once the Hard drive gets to Danbury, a mirrored environment will be set up in Danbury or Poland to test the upgrade of BCBSSC’s DFWorks platform from current 2.XXX version to the newest 3.0.77 version that will support connect + mailing machines. The end game here is two things. • Make sure we can upgrades BCBSSC to 3.0.77 with no issues on site • Understand and quote the professional service effort required to do the upgrades on site. Let me know when we can get the drive to BCBSSC, Then I can coordinate working with on-site service to get database to Danbury. Thanks Tony From: [] Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 9:42 AM To: Tony H Farmer;;; Cc: Jim Bullard; John Burham; Dustin Verwers; Teresa L Henry Subject: RE: DFWorks Database Importance: High Approved. Kirk Smith and Brian Toney will be the BCBSSC POC. Please keep them involved on the activity related to this effort. Thanks From: Tony H Farmer [] Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 5:03 PM To: PAM GALVIN; AIMEE RINALDI; BRIAN TONEY; KIRK SMITH Cc: JAMES.BULLARD@PB.COM; JOHN.BURHAM@PB.COM; Dustin Verwers; Teresa L Henry Subject: DFWorks Database Hi All Below I have outline what we need in order to test the BCBSSC custom DFWorks platform in Danbury before we can scope the effort and get ready to migrate BCBSSC from their current DFWorks version 2.10.11 to the 3.0.77 version. Version 3.0.77 is required to support Connect + mailing machines in the PAM/Funds environment. 1. What we need We will need a copy of the BCBSSC DFWorks database. The database contains machine, meter, operator, & job information around operator activity data like: Machine names Job names Job start/ end times Pieces processed per machine Start/end time of pieces processed Postage usage Postage account info Postage rates Modes used Dispositions of mail pieces Mail piece weights User names There is a table that lists DFWorks users and machine operators with their login IDs, first & last names, and encrypted passwords. PB will also require this table, but as noted the passwords are encrypted There is a table that contains MRDF data, which usually includes customer names and addresses (pi information). When PB does the data export to obtain the database from a customer. PB will leave this table off the export. So no PI information will be in the database export. 2. What is encrypted As noted above, the used passwords that will be include in the database export are encrypted. All other data is not encrypted., 3. Why we need it PB will set up a hardware environment that is equal to the existing BCBSSC environment. PB will then load DFWorks software version 2.10.11 on the servers. Pb will then add BCBSSC database on to the environment. PB will then test to insure functionality. We will then upgrade that environment to DFWorks version 3.0.77. And test all functionality to make sure it functions as required. 4. How are we going to get it As we have done in the past, PB will supply an external hard drive that is password protected. The database will be loaded on to that external hard drive by onsite personal. The password will also be set by onsite personal. The hard drive will be shipped to Danbury. The password for the hard drive will be e mailed separated for secure transfer. Please let PB know when we can move forward with getting the database, so we can schedule testing as needed Thanks Tony Tony H Farmer, Customer Development Engineer Solution Development Engineering. 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