How to set up a PresortXtra letter preset on the DM300c and DM400c

Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™
See our PresortXtra page for more information if you are not a PresortXtra customer.
Note: If you need Drop Ship service, but your meter is not set up for it, contact PresortXtra Support at 866-624-5724.

Follow these steps to set up your PresortXtra letter preset:
Set the Rate:
  1. Press Home.
  2. Enter .428
  3. Press Enter.
Add the inscription:
  1. Select Inscript.
  2. Select Presort First Cl.
  3. If Drop Ship is needed:
    1. Press Page Down.
    2. Select txt msg.
    3. Select Drop Ship.
Save the Preset:
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press Page Down.
  3. Select Preset Options.
  4. Select Create New Custom Preset.
  5. Lift the keyboard cover, type in new preset name, and select Accept.
  6. Select No to include a class. 
  7. Select Yes to confirm the settings.
Before running PresortXtra mail, remember to advance the date and set the batch counter to learn the number of mail pieces you have:
Advance the Date:
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Select Printing Options.
  3. Select Set or Advance Date.
  4. Select Advance One Day.
Reset the batch counter:
  1. Press Funds.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Select Clear Batch Value.
To view the batch count:
  1. Press Funds.
  2. Press Page Down.
If you require additional assistance, contact PresortXtra support at 866-624-5724. Be sure to have your account number ready.

UPDATED: April 17, 2018