How to resolve overprinting issues in P/I Output Enhancement



The customer has an input file that is manipulated before going through P/I Output Manager.  The input PDF contains an address block with the recipient address (first layer).  That address is cleansed and a white box is placed over the address to mask it (second layer).  The cleansed address is then placed over the white box (third layer).

The file is run through PIOM and a script is used to extract the address block (all 3 layers), add a PostNet or IMB barcode and return the address to the page.  At this point the first and third layers are returned but the second layer white box is not.  This causes what looks like overprinting.


This is caused by the white box being outside the Area of Interest, whether it is too large or shifted on the page.  When the area is extracted as STORETYPE PAGE, items outside the Area of Interest are not extracted.


There are 3 potential solutions to the problem:

1. Redesign the white box so it fits within the Area of Interest.

2. Adjust the Area of Interest so it includes the entire white box within its dimensions.

3. Use CLIPINLINEIMAGES in the EXTRACT so if part of the image falls within the Area of Interest it will be extracted as expected.

UPDATED: April 06, 2018