How to correctly format the Address Block for Canada Post in DOC1 Designer

There is no extra spacing functionality within the Address Block object. 

There are two ways you can format the Province/Postal Code as the Address Block object automatically inserts a single space between the two fields:

Instead of using just the data field for the Province field, use a Concatenation of the data field and a single space.  The Address Block will insert another single space between the fields.

Instead of using just the data field for the Postal Code field, use a Concatenation of a single space and the data field.  The Address Block object will insert a single space after the Province field, then the Concatenation will insert the second space.


The customer is formatting an Address block for Canadian addresses in Designer. A representative from Canada Post has told them there needs to be an extra space between the Province designator and the Postal Code.

How can they do that in the Address Block? Is there any spacing functionality they can use?

UPDATED: November 16, 2017

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