Do I need to stop the production floor during a DFWorks software upgrade?

Product Feature: Platform

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/2008

Database: Oracle 9i/11g

Configuration: All
When a DFWorks software upgrade is performed does the production floor need to stop running? 

The production floor can continue to run but the following will not be available during the upgrade:
  • DFWorks webpage will be unavailable. No reports or Funds View or Production Workflow views.
  • No automated DFWorks funds refills of meters will occur. Meters will have to be refilled prior to the start of the upgrade or refilled via a phone line.
  • No new Mailrun Management processing of MRDF files. If jobs are needed for the inserters, MRDFs should be processed prior to the start of the upgrade.

The software upgrade process will take between 2 to 4 hours depending on the modules installed and the size of the database.

Once the software upgrade is complete DFWorks will process all machine files created during the upgrade and the system will update. It may take
a few hours for the system to catch-up if the volume is quite heavy.


Subject: DFWorks needs Java 8

Initial Details: Steven needs support for Java 8 for DFWorks.

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

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