How to recover a 9i DFWorks server after losing the C:\ drive to a virus

Product Feature: Platform

Operating System: Windows Server 2003

Database: Oracle 9i

Configuration: All
If a DFWorks server is infected with a virus and it damages the boot partition on the C:\ drive and the server is infected it can be recovered by one of the following methods.

First, take an Acronis image of the DFWorks server that includes all of the drives. This way specific files can be recovered if needed. Make note of the current DFWorks version.

Then using Acronis restore an original image of the server, or a a build version a DFWorks server.
Install the same version of DFWorks that was on the server before the crash. 

Using Acronis recover the original E, F and G drives from the original server to the new server. This should restore the DFWorks database.

Second option, after building the new server image and installing a blank DFWorks, use Acronis to restore the E, G and H drives to the server.
Once the RMAN and control files are reecovered, the database can be rebuilt.


Subject: Unable to refill meters through DFWorks

Initial Details: Sebby is unable to refill meters through DFWorks.

UPDATED: November 20, 2017

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