Using FedEx SmartPost in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online
FedEx SmartPost is a residential ground service available in the US, in which the package ships via FedEx, but is delivered by USPS.

When using FedEx SmartPost, FedEx charges for the shipping costs. The cost of the shipping label does not come out of your SendPro postage balance.

Setting up FedEx SmartPost

If you have FedEx SmartPost on your FedEx contract, check the My Account Includes SmartPost box when you set up your FedEx account in SendPro Online.
  • If you check this box but you do not actually have FedEx SmartPost on your contract, no error will be displayed. If you do not have FedEx SmartPost in your carrier contract, you will not see any FedEx SmartPost shipping options when creating a label.
If you sign up for FedEx SmartPost after your FedEx account is already set up in SendPro Online, follow these steps to set it up in SendPro Online:
  1. Select Settings > Shipping Carriers.
  2. Select Manage next to your FedEx account.
  3. Select My Account includes SmartPost.
  4. Select the Hub ID that was assigned to you by FedEx when you added SmartPost to your FedEx contract.
  5. Select Save.

Using FedEx SmartPost

  1. Select FedEx from the Home screen, or select FedEx Label the Print menu.
  2. Select My Box or Envelope. FedEx SmartPost services will be displayed along with other FedEx services.
  3. Select a FedEx SmartPost service.
  4. Select the desired extra services, Ancillary endorsement or Leave at door. For more information about these options, select the option and view the help text.
  5. Complete the label as usual
Note: FedEx SmartPost labels have two barcodes, one for FedEx and one for USPS.

Closing the Day for FedEx SmartPost

When using FedEx SmartPost, it is recommended that you "close the day" at the end of each shipping day. If you do not close the day, FedEx will finalize them as they are processed in the mail stream. To do this:
  1. Select Print > FedEx SmartPost Close Day.
  2. Select the Close Day button. You should see a success message. Nothing will be printed.
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UPDATED: June 16, 2021