Resolve "W029270 Unable to LPR" error for Riso IS900C in P/I Output Manager




User is an having issue setting up a Postscript out device in which output type is LPR. When they manually LPR the file prints without any issues.

The physical printer is a RISO IS900C with a queue name of NORMAL.
They receive the following message:

12:32:20 W047096 IS900C-1 Network read from XXX.XXX.X.XX failed, error code 0
12:32:20 W029270 VIPEXEC Abort message: "IS900C-1 - Abort Job. Error: Unable to lpr V:\XXXXX\XXXXXXX\XXXXX\XXXXXXX.PDF" for job 20 sent to ADMINISTRATOR by IS900C-1



The printer controller will use an all lower case queue name even if the queue is defined as mixed case and still displays as mixed case on the printer GUI. 


Change the queue name from NORMAL to normal and that should resolve the problem.

UPDATED: August 14, 2017

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