How to delete pagefile.sys while windows2008 r2 is running

Product Feature: DFWorks Platform

Operating System:  Windows 2008 Server  R2


Here is a way to remove pagefile.sys

Start -> Run -> type sysdm.cpl {press Enter} -> click Advanced (tab) -> Performance, click Settings-> click Advanced (tab) under Virtual memory, click on Change -> Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives -> Select C drive -> select No paging File, click on Set -> Click on OK twice -> Reboot the server

Update: To remove pagefile, Server has to be rebooted after changes have been done as mentioned above. Pagefile.sys  cannot be deleted while OS is up and running !

Example of Large Page file


Subject: Fiserv | DFWorks Server - Page File using 50 gigs

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UPDATED: December 14, 2016