Job not reaching the printer



Customer raise a problem that job spooled then not reaching the printer.

  • Time this problem happen is defined: 11:40, 18/May/2015

  • System.log is also given.

  • A screen shot of the job queue that is stuck is highlighted and the output client CAV_OCE3516 is in green.

These three information are enough for me to see analyse what happened from the system.log.
From the system.log, CAV_OCE3516 is a PPD device type OCE1000.  PPD is a command use for PostScript Printer.  CAV_OCE3516 is connected via LPD of specific IP address.
So a problem is given with time happened, device is defined, with system.log, analysis is straight forward.
After I sent my report to customer, I got a reply that the problem is fixed as “it just went away”.
However, to troubleshoot a problem, the time the problem happened and what component involve in the incident is essential with the system.log.
If it is a must to replicate the problem, the job is required, job file setup(profile, setfile, config) and versions.log is already required in the early stage.

UPDATED: April 03, 2017

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