How to create a Contingency Report if Postal One is down.

Manifesting customers normally upload their mail.dat files to the USPS Postal One website.  In the event Postal One is down follow the procedure listed below to create a “Contingency Form” for IMB Submission.
Using the utility
  1. Create directory and put the attached files MCVCP60.dll, directlookup.csv and MDSummary.exe into the directory (files can be found in attachment named (Cont. Report
  2. Retrieve a mail.dat file from the file set. 
  3. Copy and unzip the mail.dat set into the directory created in step #1. 
  4. To run the Utility, put all of the files (Mail.Dat from DFWorks (unzipped), MDSummary.exe, MCVCP60.dll, and directlookup.csv) into the same folder and, with that as your working directory, run this from the command line:
  5. MDSummary -if maildatjobname -rf reportoutputfilename (Ex: MDSummary -if 00001334 -rf ReportOutput.txt)
  6. You will see a ReportOutput.txt (or whatever you had named the .txt file) and an MDSummary file in the directory after you run the command line.
  7. To view/print the Contingency Report in a cleaner format, open Excel, change the file type to All Files/ select the reportoutput.txt/ open/select delimited/ next, un-check Tab and select Comma/Finish

      Note: Permit Holder Name will be listed as .zip.  If required by local USPS Rep. change/write in the site permit name.

UPDATED: April 05, 2017

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