How to request a refund for unused postage or a Purchase Power credit

Learn how to request a refund for unused postage or a Purchase Power credit.
Clients requesting a refund from their USPS prepaid, Reserve account or Purchase Power account.
Complete and submit the Refund Request form if you meet the criteria for a refund. Once the request form has been submitted, refunds typically take 10-15 business days to process.

If you are part of a bankruptcy, receivership or assignment for the benefit of creditors (only), fill in the Bankruptcy Refund Request form. Allow up to 3 weeks for processing.

Non-refundable postage:
  • Free postage
  • *Misprinted or printed but unused postage.
  • *Prepaid postage, originally made payable to the USPS, that is less than $25.

*Requests for these types of refunds must be made through your local Post Office; however, restrictions may apply.
Refunds are not needed when:
  • Replacing or upgrading a meter, as the postage on the meter can be transferred back to your postage account for later.
  • Multiple meters are on the account, as transferred postage can be used to fund your other meters.
  • Apply to other purchases on account.
Refunds are requested when:
  • Canceling a meter on a single meter account
  • Reduce a credit balance
  • Retrieve an over-payment on an account

UPDATED: August 14, 2021