DFWorks: Definitions of Custom Reports selection fields

Product Feature: Custom Reports

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Database: Oracle 9i/Oracle 11g

Configuration: All
Below are a listing of all of the option reporting fields in DFWorks custom Reports with a definition of each field.

Field NameDFWorks Definition
AccountThe primary billing field.
Account DescriptionDescription of Account.
CarrierIdentifies carrier (i.e. USPS)
ClassSelected class of mail. (i.e. 001, 003)
Class NameFull description of class of mail being ran.  (i.e. First Class-Single Piece)
Creation Date/TimeThe date and time that DFWorks first sees the mailrun.
DateDisplays the date of the transaction with out the time of day.
End DateThe date of the last activity of a mailrun.
End TimeTime stamp of last piece.
Job TypeA customer defined set of attributes describing some documents and how they are processed.
Job Type DescriptionDescription of Job Type.
JournalIDA unique identifer for a specific mailrun.
MachineThe name given to an inserter/MSM enrolled in DFWorks. 
Mail DateDate sent in from DC/MSM Job Manager Derived from DC/MSM manually entered date must be in the future
MailrunIdentifier of a batch of mail.
Mailrun Run TimeFor filebased jobs, the time it takes from start to finish. (0 to 100% complete)
Manifest PresortIDManifesting is a seperate DFWorks module that allows a mailer to document postage and fees for all pieces in a mailing paid via permit imprint.

The manifest presortID is an identifer for a mailrun in the upstream software.
Manifest Sequence NumberA batch level sequence identifier for a manifests.
Manifested PiecesThe number of mailpieces on a postal manifest.
Manifested PostageThe amount of postage applied to a postal manifest.
MeterMeter serial number
Metered PiecesPieces which were metered (not non metered or Permit Pieces) 
Metered PostagePieces Metered 
Oms Carrier CodeA 3-digit code that corresponds to a specific carrier of mail. Carrier code of USPS is 001 and USPS International is 098.
Operator  Operator login
Operator Full NameOperator Name
Postage/Manifested Piece (Avg.)The average price of the postage in a manifest.
Postage/ Metered Piece (Avg.)Pieces that went through the Inserter that were metered (averaged)
Show data with roundingA yes/no option that hides the detailed data in the report.
Start Date/TimeStart time of 1st piece completed
Sub AccountSecondary billing field 
Sub Account DescriptionSub Account Description
SurchargeAn extra charge that can be applied to a transaction. The charge may be per piece, per mailrun, per metered piece or a % of postage.
Total ChargesTotal dollar amount spent on the transaction you are adding; this is a sum of the postage, manual surcharge, and other surcharges.
Total PiecesAll the completed pieces finished on an inserter. With or without postage applied. 
Total PostageThe total of metered postage plus manually entered postage.
Transaction TypeTransaction will be displayed by type: Mailpieces, Manual, Overlap, Discrepancy and Funds.
UccA 3-digit code that corresponds to a specific class of mail. The class code for USPS First Class single piece mail is 001.
WeightThe weight category for a batch of mailpieces.


Subject: Customer would like fields in Custom Reports defined

Initial Details: Hi Gerald, As mentioned yesterday, here's the list of all the options that can be selected when created a custom report. I have a training session schedule with Stephanie next week. The first list I gave you only included the options that we use here in Chatsworth. Since Stephanie will be able to create her own reports, I will need to explain to her all of the filed options. So I took the list that I sent you and expanded it. As you will see, I managed to fill in a lot of it be reading what was placed in the SoW when the system was being created. However, there are items that are not covered in neither the SoW or the Report Wizard manual. I highlighted these fields in blue. Could you get support to fill in the missing information? I only need the sections that are highlighted. I will complete the USTS Definition column. Let me know if you have any questions. Dawyn Price

UPDATED: November 02, 2015

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