Learn how to automate color correction on output using Output Manager Color Management command

Output Manager as Color Management Module.
Learn how to automate color correction on output, using Output Manager Color Management commands.

The Output Manager Color Management commands are:
These commands are used to define important components of Color Management:
  • International Color Consortium profiles - ICC profile relates to the gamut of colors of a device.  Input ICC profile is about the device that is used to create a file or the object in that file. For example a monitor displayed the PDF, scanner (scanned image in the PDF) or a camera.  Output (or target) ICC profile is about the device that will display or print the file.
  • Color Management Module (CMM), is often called the engine. Output Manager is a CMM which takes all ICC input profiles as specified by commands:  ICC_USE_EMBEDDED_SOURCE_PROFILES=YES (or list), ICC_RGB_SOURCE_PROFILE, ICC_CMYK_SOURCE_PROFILE and ICC_GRAY_INPUT_PROFILE. It requires to have ICC output profile defined by ICC_<myclient>_TARGET_PROFILE to create the PCS.
  • Profile Connection Space (PCS), which is created by CMM. In the process, CMM reads the colors in the object, in the file and map it to the values inside the ICC input profiles. The output is a PCS, which is converted further between CIELAB and CIEXYZ, a well defined transformation. From this format, values will be taken and converted to CMYK values base on ICC output or profile for the target device; which is the last conversion.
  • Rendering intents - are ways of dealing with "out-of-gamut" colors that are present in the source but not in the color of of the output device.  ICC_USE_EMBEDDED_INTENTS and ICC_USE_INTENTS are the commands to specify the intent to use.
For more information on how to use Output Manager as a CMM, look for ICC commands to define input icc profiles, target icc profile, and intents from an output client command guide.

To know more about what is Colour Management, here are links that can help.

UPDATED: April 24, 2017

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